Hey people !!!    They are here !!!!  They are ready !!!

       my prints r  ready !!! they r  made
         In a silk screen process (53!!!! colors) , each is hand made , in a limited edition (160)
        signed and numbered by me ,  for a long time i was looking for the right way to do it,
          many of u asked me for some time to do it, but i was much too busy and was never satisfied with the quality of the prints that i saw,
this has all been changed !
they look GREAT ! FIRST CLASS !- promise !
u know me, that's the only way i would have done it !

What u see here r the motives that I did
more info u can find at the bottom of this page


Protecting Father


Please don´t go


gentle pressure


A Turn On


A Love Story


A Love Story


Listen baby !


Ain´t Heavy ! 









all are in a limited edition of  160 prints 
hand signed and numbered by me 

price: 150.- (for the small prints-"egg time",immortal) 
and 250.-(please do´nt go,protecting father) us dollar (+p&s)

Thanks, enjoy the site 

U could  let me know if u r interested and that way i could 
reserve your whished print for u

bye people 



have a nice life


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